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Guidance towards developing balanced and healthy vocal technique and strength training.

Topics: Vocal Warm Ups, Vocal Registration, Vowel Modification, Breath Management, Chest Voice, Head Voice, Pharyngeal Resonance, Vocal Placement, Range, Balancing of Resonances, Notation, Posture, Body Coordination, Singing Without Strain, Projection

Step-by-step guidance towards learning chords to play your favorite worship songs.

Topics: Chords, Keys, Structure, Inversions, Rhythm, Melody, Harmony, Theory, Notation, Finger Pattern, Ear Training, Repertoire, Musical Interpretation, Comprehension and literacy of musical markings and score content.


Step-by-step guidance towards the easiest way to play your favorite worship songs with our simplified guitar method.

Topics: Chords, Keys, Rhythm, Finger Pattern, Ear Training, Strumming Pattern, Music Theory, Melody,  Repertoire, Structure, Spontaneous Worship, Musical Interpretation, Comprehension and Literacy.


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