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Who We Are

We are a community of worship singers and musicians who are passionate about God, seeking His will over ours each and every day, in every season of our lives. We know that worship is not just singing or “performing” on stage, or reserved only for Sundays. It’s a complete act of surrender to God. It’s surrendering our lives to Him, listening to the promptings of the Holy Spirit, and leading others into the awesome presence of God.


We're committed to pursuing our craft and improving our skills so that we can more effectively minister to others, and allow them to encounter the presence of God. We offer easy to understand, quality, and affordable piano, guitar and vocal tutorials and materials so that worshipers all around the world can improve their worship and leadership skills anywhere they are.

Meet Your Coach

Hi, I'm Lilla. One of my greatest passions is to help you learn the worship songs you love, so that you can transform lives—one song at a time.

As a once professional opera singer, now contemporary worship singer and coach, I know what it means to switch from classical to modern worship singing. I also know that years worth of piano and guitar lessons are not necessary to play and learn most worship songs.


That's why I've created online worship tutorials and free resources to help you learn the simplest and most effective way to worship on piano and guitar, so that you can focus on worshiping God and lead others with confidence.



Vocal Coach / Music Educator

Worship Singer / Speaker


"Our intimacy with God—His highest priority for our lives—determines the impact of our lives."

- Charles Stanley


To raise up an army of worshipers who can worship in their homes, churches and communities, transforming their lives as well as others around them.

Playing Guitar


Helping others grow in their walk with Christ, live in the freedom that's already been won on the cross, and live out their God given purpose and calling.


Help in our global reach to create free online worship tutorials and leadership resources that anyone can learn from and watch via our YouTube channel.

Image by Jonathan Velasquez
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