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Joy To The World (4 Chords) Easy Piano Tutorial - Key of G

KEY: G Major

"Joy To The World" - Easy Piano Tutorial in the Key of G Major


C Major (C–E–G)

D Major (D–F#–A)

E minor (E–G–B)

G Major (G–B)

Learn how to play your favorite songs with my "Simplified Piano Method!" 

No need to read notes or learn endless scales or drills! In this course you'll learn how to easily accompany yourself on piano and learn the best techniques on how to sound like a pro.

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Piano Topics: Chords, Keys, Inversions, Special Chords, How to Play in Different Keys, How to Simply Songs, Rhythm, How to Sound Like a Pro and more!

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To raise up an army of worshipers who can worship in their homes and communities, transforming their lives as well as others around them.

"Sing to Him; sing praises to Him. Tell the world about the amazing things He has done." - Psalm 105:2



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